100 Days of Code: Don’t be skeert

It was a dark and stormy night. 

Not really. It was a bright, sunny, muggy day, but my laptop was in a dark place. I’m sure it’s just a phase.

I had serious plans to get my jQuery on, but I was still in the mood to doodle. Conveniently, I came up with jQuery ideas while I was doodling. I don’t know if it was the act of doodling or just that by the time I started, my brain woke up. I’m not a morning person. I get up at 5a, but I do not function until after 12. I am starting to think that it’s futile for me to come up with something before noon.

A dark and stormy night. And I never got around to making it stormy. Just let it be a dark night, okay? 

[edited: Added jQueryUI for shakes. Whoo hoo!]

100 Days of Code

Had way too much fun doing this one. 

My goals were simple: 

  • learn a function that determines if a number is prime
  • “glue” a div onto a photo to make it look like a sign 
  • play with css and jQuery to change the display
  • I took a DoC break and found that doing that just makes me sad. If I can’t come up with an idea, I should still just play and see what comes to my mind. That is what happened. I was lethargic all day until I decided to look up how to determine if a number was prime. While writing down that function, I came up with more ideas.

    I miss my instructors, so when I can, I like to use them. Always good to see their faces. 

    The Prime Feline

    100 Days of Code: Scavenger hunt

    I had fun with this one because I got my doodle on and made my own things for a fish to find. The fish is the rare Torinfish. So rare, that there’s only one. Torin is the daughter of a friend, and I made this app for her. She loves to swim, so I am having her fish clean the pool. There are 10 objects to find. 

    I did not finish or get as far as I wanted to, but I left it functioning. I am happy as it is and look forward to making these changes on another day:

    • Having a list of items that either disappear as I find each or an empty list that builds.
    • Make two random number generators that come up with the top and left position for the hidden objects so that no two rounds will be the same. 
    • Have a button that starts a swimmer, and the user has to find all of the objects before the swimmer finishes. 
    • Make more doodles!!

    Scavenger hunt: clean the pool

    Good fun, but it’s bed time now. Nuh nye.

    100 Days of Code: CRUD, suckas

    I’m about to vomit. I have my latest DoC as a PUT request. Now this is a code to be done in a day, and I’ve got 80 minutes before it’s no longer today, but I am happy with it. I can return and style it better an other day. I don’t care. Tomorrow is a day at the lake.

    The important thing is that I can PUSH, GET, DELETE, and PUT. Things that once made me cry now make me dance. Yes, it does help that I’m not getting graded, and my house isn’t flooding. But even after the house was cleaned and I was assured that I’d eventually get it, I let fear and a severe lack of self-confidence become huge walls. I know walls. I’ve run a few marathons and done long rail-trail rides. Unlike those walls, I do not have glucose gels for my psyche. 

    There will be another Ajax-like bug bear for me, but now I have this to look back on. Yes, I got stuck, but I got unstuck. Glad to have this for when I need it later.

    Ahh. Now to fill that database with greyhound fosters.

    100 Days of Code: Day Thirteen

    Ermahgerd! That took forever!

    I want to get into edtech. When I taught, I enjoyed creating my own games, songs, etc. to help the kids learn and enjoy learning. A typical exercise is unscrambling a word, so I wanted to try to make my own. 

    This turned out to be quite the endeavour. I had to play around with the scope and reset. I could bore you with the long tale of it all, but I rather not. I asked for help from my cohort and former instructor. Was tempted to get needy (was probably very needy); however, I did not once say “Just tell me!”. That never is helpful. This is not an assignment. This is me playing around. Coming to a working exercise the hard way ends up teaching me more. Giving me the answers doesn’t make me feel good in the end. (Much happy happies to those who helped.)

    Unscramble German words for animals

    100 Days of Code: Day Nine


    Not really a lesson on probability, but an exercise for me in making random number generators and playing with JQuery.

    I find that the hardest part is coming up with something to do and then not having that explode into something too large for the amount of time left. If I’m not struggling coming up with an idea, I’m getting too many and they’re vying for attention in the noggin. 

    DRY! Yeah, I know that I did, but I just started out with doing 1 out of 2 and then 1 out of 100. I don’t know if it was boredom or greediness, but I did a bunch more in between. I think that interrupted the original plan, so where doing about the same code(ish) twice isn’t really repeating myself, doing it seven times is. If I were to revisit (and I might), I’d see where I can replace repeated code with a function.

    Clearly I am on a math kick: 

    You’re probably wrong

    (Nothing done yesterday. Vertigo + dehydration + migraine = “Feck off, mate!”)