Connie Dotlogue

Console.log has become my best friend. That’s too much. It’s not like console.log will ever encourage me to go for that second scoop of ice cream. Rather, console.log has become my code-specific bestie, Connie Dotlogue.

Looking back on how I started to learn JavaScript, console.log was not unlike knitting that gauge swatch. I hated it. It was a time waster. It came between coming up with a new idea and building something from that new idea. Every day is a struggle with impulsivity when you have ADHD.

It never failed that when I’d knit without doing a swatch first, I’d have to undo half of the sweater, mitten, whatever. Or I’d just stubbornly finish it and give it to someone with the idea it was always for him. Yes, him, because I don’t have a lot of female friends who are 6′ tall and weigh 200 pounds. My little impulsive self has learned to do the swatch. I still roll my eyes. I still hum and rock back and forth because this is killing me inside, but I get over it (often with cake), and eventually do the math, convert my pattern, and make something purty.

Console.log interrupted me in the same way:

Moi: Bah! Console dot log tonsil got frog. I’m on a roll. I’m on fire. LOOK AT ME I’M — fut the wuck? Why won’t my code work?

TIY Instructor A: What happened when you console logged it?

TIY Instructor J: You did console log it, right?

Moi: Mmmmmmmayb—no. No. I did not. DAMMIT! Found out and shamed.

Unlike the swatch, console.log can be what I want it to be. Just writing console.log(charArr) or console.log(“you got to here”) would do nothing for me. It wasn’t until I learned to have a full on chat with myself that I met Connie Dotlogue. If it is fun, I will do it all of the time. I amuse myself. These are my experiments, my solutions to algorithms, my projects, so Connie has the personality I need for each project. Sometimes it has a potty mouth. Other times it’s sassy. When I’m really being taxed, consol

screenshot of text editor

I know. When I do this for a team or an employer, Connie will have to wear her casual-Friday attire, but until then she is wearing a t-shirt and no pants!

It only took 48 years

Last night I stayed up playing on Codecademy, Khan Academy, JSFiddle, and CodePen; reading about Angular and React; and taking notes on ideas for apps for when I have more free time. Why didn’t I take Computer Science in college? No. Let me rephrase: Why didn’t I double major in German and Computer Science. While now I see coding as another family of languages, I did not in the late 80s. Doubling up with German and French confused me, but I don’t think doubling up on German and Computer Science would have. Far too different.

I just read about GenXers and their midlife crises. Maybe this is mine. Finally finding what I would love to do as a job. I still love to do a lot of things, but to discover at 48 what makes you want to get up every day? Don’t ask about returning to the classroom. Teaching, if it were really about teaching, will always be number one, but I do not think anyone believes teachers get to teach more than they get to dance the admin-parent dance.

I’m okay with this late discovery. What if I had learned that what I really wanted to do was be an Olympic gymnast or an opera singer? I am not limber, but I am still quick witted and a killer smart ass.

Now let me ride my bike to work so that Saturday I can have my cake and snarf it, too.


100 Days of Code: Palette with Ember!

The Emberitas hosted a day-long workshop to teach EmberJS. I opted to go with beginners for two very important reasons: better access to the food, didn’t require going outside. I had already walked 30 minutes to get to The Iron Yard. I wasn’t going to walk another meter. And the food was insane. Sure, they took some to the other building, but not as much. Please. Two arms vs a long table? No brainer. I stays. 

I’m not being totally truthful. I wanted to start the app from scratch, and I think I got more out of it doing it that way. Building a static page and then refactoring it was great for the way I learn. Making first the familiar <a> tags and then changing them later to the new-to-me {{link-to}} helpers made sense. It felt like translation. More ah-ha moments. 

It was a great way to spend a Saturday. The Emberitas were playful and knowledgable; the men who came to help as we raised our hands were supportive. Oh, and the swag was insane. The sponsors outdid themselves with the swag, and then made Ember meaningful by sharing how they used it. I was a might sad when it was over.

It wasn’t really over. We didn’t finish. 

And then life got in the way when I had a part-time job to teach coding at a summer camp in Canada. Or Round Rock. Tomayto. Tomahto. I came home each day exhausted. I thought about my own code. I thought about the Ember app. And then I slept. New schedule. Teaching again. Riding home in the baking sun at 1p. Yes. I slept. 

Returning to Ember felt like catching up friends after summer vacation. Emberrrrr! Love you hair! How was camp? Did you make out at the lake with that Robbins kid with the cool haircut? The Emberitas did such a fantastic job with their notes, codes, and screenshots that I had no problem picking up after that time off and finishing my app:


Yay! I have a palette app. Oh, but I have no palettes. That’s ok. There’s potential. And it’s mine all mine! 

So. What next?

100 DoC: Day Four

Holy jackomole this took forever. If you asked me what I learned today, it’d be that there’s a feckin’ world of difference in JavaScript between mouseover and hover. Basically, hover is fun, and mouseover is just a jerk and needs to die. It took me forever to figure out that I was using the wrong method. Well bugger you, mouse. How many things do you really need? You have mouseEnter, mouseOver, mouseOut (not at all like peace out), and even a mouseLeave. Just stop it. And you also get hover? No wonder you’re considered vermin. 

Sigh. I learned something. It took all night, but I eventually maked sumpin. 

Yesterday, my friend’s puppy was hit by a car in front of her. River P. Wafflenut is doing well. Multiple pelvic fractures, but that’s all. Yeah, I know. “All”. But nothing wrong with the internal organs. It’s a long road, but she’ll come out ok. I’m more worried about my friend. My original DoC plan was just to do the nav bar, and I did. Yeah yeah. It’s boring. Nav bars are the broccoli of a page to me. After taking my friend to the vet to visit RPW, I thought I should take a break from the portfolio’s look and the broccoli bits and make something for RPW. 

Find RPW


100 DoC: Day Three

I wanted to play with changing CSS through JavaScript. I really wanted to change class, but I was struggling a bit and more concerned with satisfying my goal to finish before midnight. Ah, to settle. As in to settle down for a good sleep. I have my needs, man. 

The theme for my first days is résumé-ish. It’s less interesting to me than other ideas in my head, but I thought this would be a good enough warm up. Hankerin’ for math and language games. Also hankerin’ for a hunka cheese.

Changing CSS with JS

And I also just realized that should get that nav bar taken care of because I can’t get home, Toto. But I don’t wanna. I rather have dessert than broccoli. Yes. Navbars are broccoli.

I maked arrays.


I love The Awkward Yeti and the Gall Bladder. I think everyone who loves Gall Bladder has adopted “I maked these”. Surely. 

In my previous post, I challenged myself to play with the basics so that I get muscle memory in so that I avoid sloppy errors. Another bonus to the “task” of playing with code for fun and for myself is that since no one else knew what I was doing or had assigned the task, I couldn’t go to anyone but The Googles for help.

I created a haiku builder. I kept the HTML and CSS simple. They weren’t what I was working on. All I wanted to do was build a few arrays and use them to create something. Anything. Build them and use them. *sniff* I’m growing up. 

Not too much, though. As you can see:

Surge:  The Haiku Builder.



Happiness with final version: 4.5/5 (Would like to see CSS look purty.)
Wheees: Doing this in 5 hours while watching Murdoch Mysteries.
Grrrrs: Figuring out how to reset the div without blowing it all to hell.
What I would change or add: Make it more concise. Build on to the arrays so that eventually there are ways I could prompt the user for a favorite animal and “customize” it … -ish.
What’s next: B is for Boolean.