CodePen Challenge: details

This week’s CodePen Challenge: details and her little bestie summary. I had no idea they existed, so chalk another one up to benefits of a challenge.

Confession time: I did not research too much about how to style the accordion function or even if I could. I did not find any need to with what I had chosen. Not this time. When I use details in a project, I’ll probably wonder more about the styling. When the week is up, I’ll peek at other people’s attempts.

I chose coffee types after looking at coffee graphics. I love posters that show how to make different espresso drinks. The theme announced itself. I had no choice in the matter. I’d like to style the cups more—maybe add a handle—and see if I could animate filling, but probably not for all of the drinks. Maybe the classic three: espresso, cappuccino, latte. Perhaps make an end-of-month challenge combo as a pure CSS entry.

We’ll see. Katy has big-idea-eyes and tiny-time-stomachs.


You Complete Me

HTML5 canvas drawing tutorial done. FINALLY! And a return to 100 Days of Code and better habits.

You Complete Me came about after I finished this set of video tutorials. It is by no means what I would call a final product. I’d like an undo function or to figure out how to have the image not be a background image but one loaded on the canvas so the paint won’t go over the lines. But this is plenty for right now. Know when to hold ’em. Know when to fold ’em.

I was inspired by Busy Mockingbird’s Collaboration with a 4-year-old and Heartless Machine’s Guide to Drawing.

I’m satisfied with the basic look. I think I could learn more and return to it or just do another, but for now? DONE. Done diddly yun, hon. I have other ideas for the canvas. I’d like to learn how to do a sort of Space Invaders but to change it up so that it’s dropping German nouns, and I can only shoot the feminine (or masculine, neuter) ones. Also, return to drawing to provide a workspace for a math function. We’ll see. It’s fun. I’m happy with it.

Finishing this after a week or more off with overseas visitors, a dog at the vet four days in a row, and a dad going from surgery to ICU took a lot from me. I dreaded returning to it and fearing that I’d forgotten everything, but returning to it was a relief. I got lost in the code again. It took so much concentration that I forgot bad things were happening. Some drink. I think my escape is coding. And critters. And cycles.