CodePen Challenge: del & ins tags

This is my first CodePen challenge, and the topic is using the del and ins tags.

list of greyhound myths
Screenshot of my del and ins attempt

My applied creativity level was low for this one. I have never used del and ins and had to figure out what their default styles were and how I could alter them. The examples found on CodePen are fanbloodytastic. I’d like to play more with del and ins and include animations like this one by Mark Praschan or make the strike-outs more organic like the school essay example by Halida Astatin (also has great animations). These were just a few. I had to back off the CodePenChallenge rabbit warren to stay focused.

This challenge didn’t excite me as much as others I have seen; however, since I did not know about del and ins, I found value in it. Learning can’t always be snazzy. Now that I have explored the other submissions, I could snazzy up my edits.


GALTx eNews:  Welcome to Our Rescues from West Texas!

On June 6th, a concerned citizen directed two animal control officers to a residence in West Texas reporting dogs without water or food. Upon arrival, the officers found a dead puppy in a pen with two live puppies. The live puppies were in bad condition, with their skeletons easily visible. Their feeders contained only food covered with black mold. Their dog house had a collapsed roof and was filled with feces. The dead puppy was mangled and partially consumed. 

The officers found another pen with two adult males, an empty water bucket and long disused free feeder container. A third pen had one adult female, again with a long disused free feeder. Her dog house consisted of a dog cage and a similar enclosure in a dog box in the bed of a pickup. When an officer put the adult female in his truck, he heard a noise from the other side of the pickup bed and found another female with a horrific open wound on her chest. They immediately took her to a veterinarian. The officers found another female in some weeds at the back of the residence, and it was obvious she was the puppies’ mother. The officers removed a total of 7 live dogs from the property and found another 6 dead puppies, from the age of 6 weeks to 4 months, in a dumpster.  

The officers promptly contacted GALT’s West Texas representative, Lonnie Jones, and GALT took custody of all of the living dogs. GALT transported the puppies and the injured female to Dr. Wick Culp of Animal Medical Center in Amarillo. On June 8th, the officers transported the other four adults to transport volunteers in Wichita Falls, Texas. On June 13th, GALT brought the puppies and injured female to Dallas. Classy, Lady Bird, Laura,George, Lyndon and puppies Butch and Etta are now with GALT, under the care of Dr. Ellis and Dr. Soileau of VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital (PPAH). Click here to see more photos of these sweet souls or here for a slideshow. 

Classy is a female, black saluki mix estimated to be about 2 years old. She likely experienced a penetrating injury that abscessed. PPAH is cleaning and treating her wound daily, but Classy may require surgery as the wound heals. She is also carrying a large load of intestinal parasites. She only weighs 43 pounds.  

Lady Bird is a brindle and white female greyhound estimated to be about three years old. She has had multiple litters of puppies, including Etta and Butch. She tested positive for Ehrlichia Canis and is carrying a large load of intestinal parasites. Laura is a white and brindle female greyhound, estimated to be 4 or 5 years old. She has had multiple litters of puppies, and has several scars on her head and neck. Both of Laura’s eyes appear to be in the early stages of Pannus. She is being treated for Ehrlichia Canis as well as a large load of intestinal parasites.

George is a red greyhound/saluki mix estimated to be about 3 years old. He has a very low platelet count, Ehrlichia Canis, and a large load of intestinal parasites. Lyndon is a black male greyhound who is about three years old. He is undergoing treatment for severe intestinal parasites.

Puppies Butch and Etta are about 6 weeks old. On arrival, both were dehydrated, thin and anemic due to intestinal parasites. Their foster family feeds them small meals multiple times a day to help them gain weight and they are being treated for the parasites. Click here to see more cute puppy pictures of them both!

Vet bills for this rescue effort will be considerable and we would greatly appreciate any assistance you can give. Click the link below to make a donation today!

Help The West Texas Rescues!

Will code for funds. Money can’t buy me happiness. I just want more of it to give away.

me make-um sum ipsum

Since deep in my heart, I’m learning to code to afford my greyhound addiction (let’s be honest), I thought I should have my own filler text. 

When my Brians* get stuck, we have a faculty meeting semi off topic. I know what I have to do next on my final project, but it’s still at the back of the tongue, not the tip. You know, close to the uvula, where no ideas should stay. Instead of letting it trigger my gag reflex, I roam the interwebs. Videos of kittens and alpacas could lead me astray, so I stick to topics related to coding: Codepen posts, blogs on coding (functions and styles), and then I play my coding version of word association: I have some fun and make sum ipsum.

Greyhound ipsum:

Retired racers borzoi fabian merlin, farts couch potato chipper Azawakh stan companion merlin. Magyar agr tongueout blue white and black rooing affectionate, affectionate couch potato fast iris flash. Dark red knitting teefers saluki galgo black brindle affectionate cali. Light brindle afghan shane, couch potato toofs white roxy Chart Polski  dark red booty full of tooty VAGA. Pixie dark brindle athletic toofs gentle jaime couch potato Hortaya Borzaya otto. Moby sugar roofest otto rooing roxy luna hound Silken Windhound. Sloughi kate tongueout athletes athletes beatrice escaped tongue syndrome. Jaime luna jenny blue brindle red brindle, blue brindle black and white siggie companion stan baby pie chipper. Sloughi intelligent white roxy noosa knitting luna.

Red fawn light brindle kate GALT happy tail Irish wolfhound, jelly dana fast grapehounds. Dewey grapehounds regal otto otto chipper noosa hound. Dark brindle henry red brindle booty full of tooty blue greyhound Sloughi jenny Irish wolfhound. Farts GPACenTex jenny teefers happy tail pixie Hortaya Borzaya black brindle booty full of tooty. Galgo tongueout companion frito feeto Primley Sceptre light brindle Scottish Deerhound. Nigel buggers cockroaching tongueout farts white and brindle tick retired racers Silken Windhound roxy jack. Siggie light red fawn fast cockroaching retired cody omo moby sugar. Tongueout roxy shane red fawn Sloughi hound, retired racers henry sighthound escaped tongue syndrome jack black. Derp jaime henry merlin beatrice tongueout rooing.

James River Greyhounds shane athletic hound fawn iris cali. Fawn Sloughi booty full of tooty baby pie red brindle jaime GPACenTex Scottish Deerhound jack. Farts light red fawn tamale beaker escaped tongue syndrome tongueout, affectionate black fabian dark brindle cody.

*I saw “fried brians” on a menu once, and every since, I like to refer to my cogitating blob of fat as Brians. There’s more than one Brian, of course. How else would I have faculties?

My favourite therapists: Fat Bastard and Fabian

Coding bootcamp has been intense. I’ve had some really hard weeks when I doubted my ability to do the simplest tasks. I looked around  at a house that needed repairs and dreaded every new crack. I’ve had my kitchen and utility room flood, an emergency vet visit for Fat Bastard (I think he tried to suck face with a young opossum), and the smaller things that life flings our way.

I love it. I do. But I would not be saying this without my live-in therapists who have kept me company and never once cared what the house looked like. Fabian is getting a new greyhound sibling when I’m settled. Until then, code code code ear-scritch code.

No photos of Fat Bastard. His face is pretty banged up, and even at 16 he is pretty vain.

Pre-adoption bath. Siggie is not a fan.
It’s Siggie’s last day with me. Tonight she’ll go to bed as the only-dog with a family that recently lost two 12-year-olds. Siggie will have cats and pet cattle as buddies. We already have a playdate set up, so this is not too sad for me. Welcome to diva life, Siggie. I’ll miss you.

In my post Iron Yard bootcamp fantasies, I’m coding on the side (for freezle) for the greyhound adoption community. I might also be nude, as this <em>is</em> a fantasy. 


The reason I want to earn more: Greyhounds. 

I do not care about having a bigger house; that’s too many rooms to clean. I do not want a newer car; that’s $$$ for what is really just a hound-hauler. I want the funds to foster more greyhounds and to donate to more organizations. I’m a member of Greyhound Adoption League of Texas (in Dallas) and Greyhound Pets of America—Central Texas (in Austin). The more the merrier. It’s not about the groups; it’s about the hounds. 

GPA-Central Texas was recently featured in Bark Post for their fundraiser: Greyt Gatsby. My current foster, Siggie, is the last photo before the video.