A little ambushed by grief

When people my dad knew let me know that a cancer’s returned angrier, I am both sad from within as I think these people are terrific but am ambushed by grief as I know my dad would be sad as well. It’s odd. Of course, I miss him every day, but I’m surprised that part of missing him is wishing he were around to be sad about a dying friend.

I don’t know what this means. I’m just putting it out there. Ambushed.

Ton of anything, really

Why bricks? A ton is a ton. I’ve been hit by a ton of something.

I built my portfolio quickly to have something out there while I applied. I didn’t want to fuss over it and lose days. I promised myself that I’d get back to it. I made that promise in late May. It’s early October. Oh hey. Lookie here. It’s still there waiting. Patient little bugger.

I got my index2.html going when I got a call from my dad. The official diagnosis is acute myeloma leukemia. He has 4-6 months if he forgoes treatment and 9 if he doesn’t.

I looked back at my code. It’ll be there tomorrow when I have a different reason to get my portfolio done. Who cares about prospective employers. I’m building it for my dad. 2008-11-01-14-10-34