Apologies to the bees

When I was a kid, I liked to collect bees in a jar. It was a little bit of derring do to see how many I could keep in the jar and also not lose any as I opened the jar for another one. It was also a chance to look at the bees close up. But I was a kid. Selfish by default at that stage in child development. I wanted to hear them. Really hear them. I shook the jar, and I heard them. Did I ever. I’m sure their buzzing could be translated into “Open this jar, jackhole, and we’ll give you a symphony you’ll never forget!”

It’s been a long time, but I think the descendents of that hive are buzzing with karmic delight. September stuffed me in a jar and shook me until my head spun. Some of the shaking was great: close friends from Australia came to visit the US and stayed with me at the beginning and end of their trip. Some not so great: my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and leukemia. If I wasn’t giving friends a tour of Austin, I was in a group text with family, and when I had my down time, I zoned out wondering if I’d get that call.

I found a small project to do. I could have done it in less time, but I had too little space in my head for coding. Still, I had something to do, and I learned that I enjoyed doing it. Although hard to get going, once I did, Stella got her groove back. It felt great to get lost in coding. Even looking up things I was certain I knew how to do helped. Just a rabbit warren of Slack Overlord and MDN links was soothing. Fussing over where to place a button, was the distraction I needed. I need to remember that even 10 minutes of code fussin’ counts for 100 Days of Code in my book. My book; my rules.

So the bees had their revenge, but they’re nicer and eventually let me have a win. It’s just a basic quotation generator. And it’s QUOTATION! Quote is a verb. Let it go, Katy. I CAN’T.

100 Days of Code: Lover Leaver

On an AJAX kick. Today I played with the Words API. I’m not done with that API at all! That is a playground I’ve just barely sampled. Today I just wanted to play with getting rhymes. I couldn’t think of a useful app to make with rhymes, but I’m nothing if not a killer smartass, so I reached into my smartarasscockles and came up with a way for you to find 50 ways to leave your lover.

Lover Leaver

I use Simon and Garfunkle’s lyryics (Okay, Paul Simon’s) chorus to make an array of leads (var leads = [“Make a new ”, “Drop of the ” …]) and chose a random rhyme from the array returned from the AJAX request. Of course this and that some rhymes are iffy lead to lunacy. I can’t (or don’t know how) to just get nouns and other filters to make this make sense, but if you want a logical way to leave your lover, maybe you should make your own damn decision and not use my app, right?

I’d have liked to do more, but I’ve run out of time. I have my limits.

I can’t believe AJAX was hard for me. As I play around with third-party APIs, I can’t recognize where I got stymied. Moly holy. Stress can be blinding.

Ha! AJAX is my buddy.

100 Days of Code: Numbers API

When I was in the midst of my coding bootcamp, my kitchen and utility rooms flooded because … I don’t know. Something blocked it, obviously, but I chose not to drill into my house. I run the washing machine water outside. That’s solved the problem. I also have very green grass. But at the time, was I this blasé about it? Aw hayull no. I fell apart. I saw the damage and wondered if I could afford it. From that day on, everything was about finding a job to pay for repairs. I could not think straight. What would I have to sell? Do I really need to wash my clothes?

That stress became a huge obstacle, and it came just as we learned about AJAX requests. I don’t know if it was clumsy typing or what, I was just not able to do them well. Sometimes not at all. Not without help. 

Now that AJAX is not part of homework, but just part of coding for fun to keep up the skills, I do not see the difficulty. Not at all. I am looking for third-party APIs to play with, and I’m not finding that getting or manipulating the data is something I cannot do. What a lesson in the damage stress causes us. 

I don’t know how I’ll use this later, but I had fun with it. The only awkward moment was getting excited to see my first trivia snippet on the date and then to read that it was something about the Nazis. 

Numbers API trivia

(I will also add 4 more chapters to “Learn Python the Hard Way” to my 100DoC. I WANT CREDIT, DAMMIT!)

100 Days of Code: CRUD, suckas

I’m about to vomit. I have my latest DoC as a PUT request. Now this is a code to be done in a day, and I’ve got 80 minutes before it’s no longer today, but I am happy with it. I can return and style it better an other day. I don’t care. Tomorrow is a day at the lake.

The important thing is that I can PUSH, GET, DELETE, and PUT. Things that once made me cry now make me dance. Yes, it does help that I’m not getting graded, and my house isn’t flooding. But even after the house was cleaned and I was assured that I’d eventually get it, I let fear and a severe lack of self-confidence become huge walls. I know walls. I’ve run a few marathons and done long rail-trail rides. Unlike those walls, I do not have glucose gels for my psyche. 

There will be another Ajax-like bug bear for me, but now I have this to look back on. Yes, I got stuck, but I got unstuck. Glad to have this for when I need it later.

Ahh. Now to fill that database with greyhound fosters.