CodePen Challenge: del & ins tags

This is my first CodePen challenge, and the topic is using the del and ins tags.

list of greyhound myths
Screenshot of my del and ins attempt

My applied creativity level was low for this one. I have never used del and ins and had to figure out what their default styles were and how I could alter them. The examples found on CodePen are fanbloodytastic. I’d like to play more with del and ins and include animations like this one by Mark Praschan or make the strike-outs more organic like the school essay example by Halida Astatin (also has great animations). These were just a few. I had to back off the CodePenChallenge rabbit warren to stay focused.

This challenge didn’t excite me as much as others I have seen; however, since I did not know about del and ins, I found value in it. Learning can’t always be snazzy. Now that I have explored the other submissions, I could snazzy up my edits.


The reason I want to earn more: Greyhounds. 

I do not care about having a bigger house; that’s too many rooms to clean. I do not want a newer car; that’s $$$ for what is really just a hound-hauler. I want the funds to foster more greyhounds and to donate to more organizations. I’m a member of Greyhound Adoption League of Texas (in Dallas) and Greyhound Pets of America—Central Texas (in Austin). The more the merrier. It’s not about the groups; it’s about the hounds. 

GPA-Central Texas was recently featured in Bark Post for their fundraiser: Greyt Gatsby. My current foster, Siggie, is the last photo before the video.