My Coronavirus Logo

I heard that some corporations redesigned their logos to emphasise social distancing, and then there’s this fantastic guy who re-imagined logos with a great sense of humour. So why not? I have the perfect last name for it and need an excuse to delve into Sketch and SVG vector graphics again. I made my own letters for my name; I have an incredible amount of respect for font designers. Holy moly sans! That was hard. I would not do that again, except for the practice it gave me.

So here you go. Keep your ass inside.

One thought on “My Coronavirus Logo

  1. You are a comic genius Thanks so much for sharing that! Xo We have been keeping our Tab-asses inside too. 😤😷🙄 Having a glass of wine on the patio now. So nice but for the DOZEN cruise ships on our horizon filled w sick (& even some dead) people including that holland America ship unloading in Fort Lauderdale ugh. And I was so happy our governor finally ordered a lockdown but it’s a fake lockdown bc apparently you are still allowed religious exemptions – seriously??? Sigh. But make sure that sigh is covered Xo Keep blogging. Love it!

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