COVID-19 casualty

And so it begins.
Today I was made redundant at my current job along with many others. I have no ill feelings. This is what it is. If anything, this gives me a bizarre freedom. I no longer have to WFH when there’s no work and just wondering what they want me to learn, spread myself thin trying to guess what might be coming our way, and getting nothing done. I now have my own schedule and boss. The first part of the day is job related, and the second part is strictly coding. For me? ReactJS, React Native, Gatsby – o – rama! Those will be my main—my protein. I love them. React Native is new to me, but a prop is a prop. My two sides to go with them are NodeJS and VueJS. I missed Node while being a straight front-end developer, and Vue just always intrigued me. So it’s all “a little review and a little new” from now until I see a paycheck.
This is not a big deal. I’m not cowering in an attic hiding from fascists. I’m not turning off lights to hide from a Blitzkrieg. I’m not running from people who used me as a slave. I know. I wrote that already, but reminding myself of that often keeps the pity party at bay. This is a virus. It gets anyone, and it’s pretty easy to hide from it (this from an introvert). These are not the worst of times. These are not impossible or impassable times. These are simply hard times.
Wash your hands, you filthy animals! (Thank you, “This Podcast Will Kill You“)

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