Gimme some state, shugga.

Eleven months ago, I was in love with ReactJS. I quit working with it when I felt that I needed to review material I didn’t understand as much. That led to forgetting a lot of React. I forgot the details, not the gist. I have returned following a tutorial that’s done in a way that is best for my style of learning: many smaller clips and not one chunk. It’s easy to watch and move on with topics I remember but revisit ones that are rustier to me.

Yesterday and today, I reviewed state and loading state into JSX. Watch watch watch. Take a lot of pretty notes. Apply it to my own. It is not in my head if I’m just coding along. I know I get it when I apply it to my own app.

When I saw this, I kissed my screen:

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 9.09.54 PM

Man. I love React!

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