Overwhelmed goat

I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.

When I finished boot camp, I was in a mad rush to do two things: make a portfolio and practice coding daily. I was quick to build the portfolio but then got the idea to do a project a day. A small project. Start and stop in a day. I didn’t have a plan on where to store it, so I tacked it on to the portfolio. Eventually, I’d make its own place. “Eventually” became “never” until yesterday (11 months later).

Now I have to recreate a portfolio page so that it’s static and neat, take the projects I had stored with that page into another file, fix all the links that would be broken, and then separate them into their own little files with their own little Surge addresses, and their own little scoops of ice cream. No. Wait. Ice cream is for me. I also have to do all of this without breaking any links to and within the current portfolio until I’m ready to redeploy.

Good times.

And there’s the look. I don’t want the old look. My want-list is growing. The task is big—doable but big. I’m feeling overwhelmed and am napping or resting my eyes a lot. I feel like one of those fainting goats:

The difference is that they stay down for about 3 seconds. Ha! Novices. I flip out, snap into the foetal position, and shut my eyes for 10 minutes. I’d stay in that position longer, but I have just enough strength to shout to Alexa, the lonely goatherd, to set a timer for 10 minutes.


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