It’s the little things

Honestly, it is the every single thing: the big, the medium, the little. I only have a little time, so this post is about the little things.

I am looking for a job, continuing to learn front-end dev skills, and making what I do know look better. Yes, it would be great to write cleaner code from the first time I learned it, but the Olympian gymnasts started off as tumblers.

I don’t want to be the person who says that they do nothing but all day. Boring. What do you talk about? Don’t suck up and say code. Honestly. Imagine that you have a client who needs your skills but whose business or interests are in camping, or art, or studying the migration patterns of the monarch butterfly. Please please please be able to talk about something else. Who cares if you’ve got the gift of gab.

While I was immersed in the boot camp, I ignored my other interests. No more. But where is the time? I should be getting better with writing code, practice old, learn new, practice new, tweet about it, eat a div, wash my face with jQuery, and moisturise with ReactJS. Chilling out is step one. Realising that I don’t have to read The Decameron is step two.

In the mornings, I read one entry from Never Built: Los Angeles, a book that accompanied the exhibition at the Architecture and Design museum on the same topic and one from Lost in Translation: an Illustrated Compendium of Untranslatable Words from Around the World by Ella Frances Sanders. It doesn’t take long. Evenings are for fiction.

Morning reads
Morning reading

Another little thi — two little things are these pages in my bullet journal. Yes. I have succumbed. It works wonders for me as I have ADHD and love to colour. I have never done will with wordy journals, but I do love to doodle. I don’t care if my handwriting is a mess. I’ll never be (nor do I want to be) an Instagram bujo artist. I love what they do, but let’s not kid ourselves. These are two pages I do for me. I take the time to make Code Noms for every hour that I work on something code related. After this blog post, I’ll add a lollypop. I may not be exact. I’d rather underestimate my hours than exaggerate. I like taking a little break and thinking about the time I’ve spent. It also shows where I lack. Not enough read-mochi or blog lollypops. On the other page I write down ideas so I don’t forget them later. I keep it simple. I just want the idea down so that I don’t interrupt a current code session to start another just so that I don’t forget.

Cojo: when bujo meets code.

I’ll combine these soon. I see myself putting the words I’ve learned in a project that I’ll illustrate on my own with Sketch App. Ella Frances Sanders has wonderful illustrations, and I’ll look at hers as an influence, but I will not photograph them to share in my project. It’s not right. Buy her book. While you’re at it, buy Ben Schott‘s Schottenfreude, too. It’s similar to Lost in Translation, but focuses on German words. Oooh … I’m adding that tomorrow for my morning reads.

Enough with the little things today. I have some whoppers (job applications) to do. Mmmm… Whoppers.

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