K.I.S.S. vs K.I.S.S. : When “Keep It Simple, Stupid” meets “Katy Is Super Sizing!”

I’m going to make the next big thing! No, you’re not. You’re a boot camp grad. You got a great boost and are coding on your own and following tutorials nearly every day. You’re awesome, possum, but you’re not a one-woman Googlemazonuber Go!. Keep the projects manageable and fun for you. You are your employer and employee and client. Enjoy it while you can.

While going over old Codecademy work that I did before enrolling in a boot camp, I came across a rock-paper-scissors snippet. That reminded me of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock, and that made me think that I could just do my own. It’s not cheating. It’s not hanging out in Simpletown. Hear me out.

JavaScript and jQuery are great; I love them. However, they change. I have to get used to that. I learned ECMAScript 5th ed., but I need to get used to ES6. I have also completed Wes Bos’s What the Flexbox tutorial. I will have learned nothing if all the flexing I do is in the tutorial or in front of a mirror at the gym. I’m not done. I am also learning Sketch and want to illustrate my own apps and make my own images, borders, and background textures. When there is so much that is new(ish), I try to keep something simple. In this case, it’s the functionality. Keep it simple, stupid is necessary; otherwise, Katy isindangerof super sizing.

Egg-Fox-Feathers: simple function to practice new things

Sometimes I get a little defensive and feel the need to shout why I’m not making the next big thing:

Screen Shot of readme file. mostly text
From my README.md file

I had started with Egg Beak Feathers last night and woke this morning to not wanting the beak to beat the egg. It smacked of matricide. I just couldn’t bring myself to draw that. I know some birds eat their own, but this is a fun app. It’s not National Geographic. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a softie. I switched beak to fox. Sure, the egg still bites it if the other player chooses fox, but I feel better with cruel Mother Nature than cruel Mother Hen. These two pages are my notes where I realize that beak has to go, and what I need to create with Sketch. While the functionality may be simple, I’ve clearly got a lot to do. My UI side is going to enter more billable hours than my front-end side.

photo of wireframing and notes
Brain dump (not at all like Brian dump)

After the brain dump, I darkly sketch (press hard!) a finalish layout. Since I’m new to flexbox, I want to see what will be a container, what will need rows or columns, what will be items only or an item that’s a container. Right now I can’t see how I should plan with flexbox without seeing it on paper first.

Neater sketch of plan

Anything else I write is just stalling.

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