Blame it on dessert

Every night I go to bed regretting not blogging about what I’ve learned, done, undone, or relearned in my quest to become the World’s Best Developer (and by World’s Best Developer, I mean South Austin’s Most Middle-aged Change-of-Career Developer).

“There’s  not enough time in the day.” Oh, bullshit. There’s plenty of time in the day.

“I have too much to do.” Again, bovine fecal matter. You’re no different than the rest of the world.

It’s really just that I love dessert most. Sitting down and following a tutorial or coming up with an idea for an app will always be more desirable than job searching or blogging. There’s nothing wrong with the other two just like there’s nothing wrong with a salad and lasagna. It’s just that dessert is better. Desserts make me happy. Coding tutorials make me happy, especially if I find a series that’s well done. I’m working my way through  JavaScript30, ES6 For Everyone, What The Flexbox, and React for Beginners and weighted in that order. I’m hooked! Wes Bos is Boss Applesauce! He’s succinct, funny, and knows his shit. I also like that his tutorials are not edited to where you don’t see his errors. We all make them and need to figure out how to debug.

But I’m getting malnourished from all the tutorials and not enough Job Application Salad and Blogsagna. I have no solution. I’m an adult. I don’t have my parental units keeping me at the table and refusing me desserts. All I know is that my current system of blogging at the end of the day does not work when you stay up too late on tutorials and then crash saying “I’ll blog tomor—zzzz…”

Ta da! I’ve returned to blogging. Now to reward myself with pie.


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