Cliché du jour: Not enough time in the day

I know. I know. Join the bloody club. “Not enough time in the day” is usually followed by a whinge-fest of some kind. Not always. Not this time. I hope. If this comes off as whiny, slap me. Go on. Do it. (Oh the fun I have when we are not face to face.)

Everyday starts with the same plan:

  • Warm up with Free Code Camp
  • Look for jobs
  • Code like a beast (my own, not FCC)
  • Run or long walk
  • Apply for those jobs I’ve saved (3/day)
  • Blog the process

And every stinkin’ day ends with all but the blogging and applying done. I do not dislike blogging. I can write like a beast. The problem is that once I’m coding, I’m gone for the day. I love it. LOVE. IT!

This is my problem: I am not applying as often as I should because I rather code. I feel ripped off when I stop. Can’t employers just ring my doorbell and see that I’m a tenacious Tasmanian debbil on the laptop? Can’t you just glean what my process is?

The other issue is “sleep hygiene”. I think the most ideal time to blog is just before I go to bed, but I am a night owl by nature. I do not need more to keep me up. I’m trying to squeeze in paper and ink time. I am also trying to just squeeze in my own tush:

The IHateToast pack at a La Quinta over Thanksgiving


There you have it. I’m not being a good newbie dev because I can’t stop coding. Unlike at The Iron Yard, there isn’t a sense of rush and panic. That’s the nature of a 3-month boot camp. No regrets and no complaints. That is the nature of the beast. Then I coded as much as possible to get the assignment done as well as new skills into my brain. This time around, I am making my own things, improving my old homework (so much ew!), and learning new things (Sketch is my current fav). And what happens when it doesn’t work? I stick with it like before, but without worry. I feel like the sleepy lioness with the elusive code-hyena. I didn’t get you today, Code-Hynie, but tomorrow you are my lunch.

I’ll be good from now on. I promise. I promise the way I promise myself to overdo it at an ice cream shop. Yeah. My word is not much at times.

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