Almost five months after graduating from The Iron Yard, I have decided to revisit old homework assignments. Most were due the by midnight the day that they were assigned, the exception being Thursdays’ were due Sundays by midnight.

I know that for many I’ll just want to restyle them or expand them to fulfill what I want them do to or look like. I’m not at the bootcamp anymore, so they are no longer assignments. My stuff; my rules.

Some, however, will be ones I did when I started to lose my mind with the stress and pressure. Oh, and the breaking plumbing. I’ve already had a look at their old repos and read my comments to my instructors. And by “comments”, I mean diary of melting down. I roll my eyes at myself, but I shouldn’t. I should respect that I went through a hard time and came out ok. If only I had GitHub for everything I went through. My old high school homework and university assessments are long gone. I don’t remember what stumped me or how various crises in love, family, and health affected my work. GitHub recorded more than the versions of my code; it recorded my emotional state. Am I saving it? Farkenelleno.

Cliché schmeeshay, but we truly are our own worst enemy.

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