The US is a big country

Yeah yeah. We all know that. Sort of. We know it, but we do not feel the consequences of it if we don’t do anything that confronts its size. A road trip from Maine to San Diego would do it. So would being open to relocation for a job. And there’s my topic.

I’m not married to Austin. Austin has a mystique for many, but I moved here from Australia. I’m a little spoiled. Austin is great, though. It is not perfect. It’s segregated, has only buses (*cough* it’s 2016!), and is car-centric no matter what you’ve been told. White bike lanes are cute. Show me office buildings with showers. Plan A is, of course, staying here, but I have plans C, C, D, M, and SA: Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, and San Antonio. I am aware that I am writing this list in Austin in early October. Let’s see how I feel in January.

Are those cities all I have? No. The US is huge, and I feel it as I surf Indeed and Dice and look at the map. Places I’m willing to move to are far from my immediate family. Really far. Holy-moly-this-country-is-big far. My brain hurts.

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