Perk up

I’ve spent the summer hopping around with code. I’ve reviewed what I understood, and revisited what I didn’t. I’d look up topics I’ve heard about and tried to play with them. I’d some up with my own ideas and find a little code to make it work. Basically, I’ve kept it simple.

At the beginning of my 100 Days of Code challenge, I could do a little project a day. More like a webpage a day. As I found more complicated challenges, the projects would take longer. I no longer wanted to use the hashtag “100daysofcode”. I’m less interested in enumerating the days than listing projects and making sure I code a little every day. I don’t do just one thing, so writing “Day 65: I did this” makes no sense to me. I warm up with algorithms, I cruise to pencil and paper to come up with other projects, and I focus on tutorials. I’ll still tweet with #100daysofcode everyday that I code, but that’s as far as I’ll go with those rules. Code every day that I can. Somedays only an hour; others, a full day. Some days just on one topic. Other days will see many.

I’m enjoying ReactJS and Perk tutorials. There are reactillion React tutes out there. I’m thinking there’s just only one Perk because there’s just only one Perk. This tutorial will have me build a LinkedIn clone. Not really a clone, as LinkedIn sucks pangolin balls, but a connections app called Six Degrees. Perk is an anagram for Passport, Express, Redis, and Knex. There are a lot more libraries inside, but these are the whoppers. The tutorial is great, too. No hopping around screen to screen. It’s not too slow. It’s not too fast. Each video starts with a recap of what we did last and ends with what we just did. There are also links below each video for docs or other tools (Postman, PSequel).

This time around, I’m following the tutorial to a T. It’s a warm up for returning to my “final” project (nothing’s final), which also used Perk framework. I’d like to so another Perk project on my own; however, I am suffering a dearth of ideas. Maybe an app to find and rate creepy clowns?

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