It only took 48 years

Last night I stayed up playing on Codecademy, Khan Academy, JSFiddle, and CodePen; reading about Angular and React; and taking notes on ideas for apps for when I have more free time. Why didn’t I take Computer Science in college? No. Let me rephrase: Why didn’t I double major in German and Computer Science. While now I see coding as another family of languages, I did not in the late 80s. Doubling up with German and French confused me, but I don’t think doubling up on German and Computer Science would have. Far too different.

I just read about GenXers and their midlife crises. Maybe this is mine. Finally finding what I would love to do as a job. I still love to do a lot of things, but to discover at 48 what makes you want to get up every day? Don’t ask about returning to the classroom. Teaching, if it were really about teaching, will always be number one, but I do not think anyone believes teachers get to teach more than they get to dance the admin-parent dance.

I’m okay with this late discovery. What if I had learned that what I really wanted to do was be an Olympic gymnast or an opera singer? I am not limber, but I am still quick witted and a killer smart ass.

Now let me ride my bike to work so that Saturday I can have my cake and snarf it, too.


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