Language Buffet

Adjustments. Oof. I feel like I’ve finished my Thanksgiving meal and am hitching the waist of my jeans over my full belly. So much oof.

I have a short-term job for a month. Not only will I be working 8:30-5:00, I’ll have a 45-minute commute (bicycle) to and from. You do the math. I’m left with too little time for my original 100 Days of Code plan: an app a day.

What to do?

I am having trouble letting go of the app-a-day version, but I have also lamented the lack of time I’m giving to learning new languages. It’s a swap. A fair one at that, too. I’ve returned to Codecademy and have a goal of completing PHP and Python while repeating JavaScript and jQuery to make sure the new knowledge doesn’t shove out the old. I majored in German. I remembered taking Italian after I finished German. English didn’t creep into the Italian, but the German did. I believe that had I returned to German as I started Italian, I’d not have been as mixed up. Nothing’s proven. I do not have enough Katys to publish a peer-reviewed article on how I learn.

Wish me luck.


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