No. Three. Three ways to kill mojo

Silly me. Why stop at two when three is a possibility?

Third way to kill mojo: bite wound on foot.

I foster greyhounds for two organizations in Texas. I love it. It makes my life a mess, but I do not care.

I also have my own hound, Fabain. He’s older than my two fosters, Gregory and The George. The only thing that makes hound mad is when he’s on the couch and they get too close. He doesn’t care if they are on the couch and he is not. He doesn’t care if one is on the couch as long as they’re butt to butt. But if they get close to his face, he growls.

This morning The George (the youngest) got too close to Fabian. He’s pretty but a slow learner when it comes to personal space. I blame his previous life:

He was kept in a pen and knew no boundaries. Never had to. He also knew no toys, so at the age of three, he’s learning all of this. It’s wonderful to see hounds from cruelty seizures improve, but there are hiccups along the way. And punctured feet.

I’ve tried to come up with something to code on my own. My favourite way of learning is starting and stopping in a day with a completed mini-app, but when I try to think of something, my mind just loops “My foot hurts. My foot hurts. My foot hurts.”

I think 100 Days of Code will take a nap while “3-10 days of code tutorials” takes over. If I watch a video and do what I’m told to do, I forget my pain. But … I’m coding. I’m just not coding the way I want to code. My code; my rules.

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