Two ways to kill code mojo

Break my motorcycle. Break my quadriceps.

Thursday: I read about coding, specifically Ember. I had plans to hit the EmberATX meet-up with some pre-knowledge. I knew that I’d be a kindergartener listening to Ph.D.s, but there’d be things I’d pick up. No one quizzed me. This was not mojo killing. It was mojo filling.

It’s walking out to your motorcycle and seeing that someone knocked it over, buggered up the paint, broke mirrors and lights. To really kill my mojo, they left a note with a false number. I did not ride home from the meet-up, and run inside to read more about Ember and fiddle with my Color Palette. Nerp. I rode home cautiously without functioning mirror. I covered up P.J. Soles (my bike), and went inside to look at mirrors online and think about the $$$ whooshing out my accounts.

Tomorrow. Yes! After a bad day, I’ll enjoy a Friday in and code.

Then this happened when tomorrow became today:


I accepted a short-term assignment and proceeded to cycle to the wrong office (10km), then back UPHILL to the correct office (15km) and back home after work (11km). We all know why motorcycling was not an option.

I’m knackered. There’ll be no coding. Not unless I can have an event listener toss my dead ass into bed. I’m even too tired to eat. At least I’ll wake up knowing that I can have frozen scoops of deliciousness for breakfast.

I am hoping that reading about coding will count. Of course it counts. My blog. My rules.

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