100 Days of Code: Lover Leaver

On an AJAX kick. Today I played with the Words API. I’m not done with that API at all! That is a playground I’ve just barely sampled. Today I just wanted to play with getting rhymes. I couldn’t think of a useful app to make with rhymes, but I’m nothing if not a killer smartass, so I reached into my smartarasscockles and came up with a way for you to find 50 ways to leave your lover.

Lover Leaver

I use Simon and Garfunkle’s lyryics (Okay, Paul Simon’s) chorus to make an array of leads (var leads = [“Make a new ”, “Drop of the ” …]) and chose a random rhyme from the array returned from the AJAX request. Of course this and that some rhymes are iffy lead to lunacy. I can’t (or don’t know how) to just get nouns and other filters to make this make sense, but if you want a logical way to leave your lover, maybe you should make your own damn decision and not use my app, right?

I’d have liked to do more, but I’ve run out of time. I have my limits.

I can’t believe AJAX was hard for me. As I play around with third-party APIs, I can’t recognize where I got stymied. Moly holy. Stress can be blinding.

Ha! AJAX is my buddy.

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