If I don’t get much done today …

Two days ago, Parker (a stray grey) was picked up at a shelter in Brownsville and taken to a “greytel”. Yesterday someone picked him up from the greytel and took him to Corpus Christi to another greytel. Today he’s on his way to New Braunfels where I’ll pick him up at a gas station and take him to my greytel. Saturday, I’ll take him to Waco where someone from Dallas will pick him up and give me George (greyhound-saluki mix). I’ll take George to my greytel for a long stay (so more like a grey b&pee) while he recovers. Parker will join the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas (GALT) group, and GALT’s George will hang out with Gregory from Greyhound Pets of America–Central Texas (GPA-CenTex). Their host is Fabian from Greyhound Adoption Program–Queensland. 

I am a member of two groups in Texas and do what I can to help. Neither group tries to get me to choose, and I love them for it. They’re in it for the hounds and help each other when they can.

The government of New South Wales has signed a law banning greyhound racing there starting 1 July 2017. The adoption groups have a year to get ready for what might be an influx of greyhounds into already stressed adoption groups. Now is the time to band together. Are you in it for the hounds or for your own group’s glory? I’m a dual citizen. I know my Australian counterparts can do it. It’s a great opportunity to get volunteers who don’t have the space or time to help out. 

Organise. Get together. Build a Facebook page just for this. Get these hounds to groups all over Australia. And man, when I go over in February, I’m going to help.

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