I know. I know. Shu’up!

I spent two hours, staying up until 2:30a, trying to figure out something that just came to me while I was staring out the window and enjoying my last cappuccino. 

I know. I KNOW! But this is my ADHD in action. Hyperfocus. While I was at The Iron Yard, homework was due at 12a. No staying up late because it’s pointless to be a warm body in the classroom if the brain is on ice with a toe-tag (my brain has toes, but only seven). As a former teacher, I trust my instructors’ advice and obeyyyy. If homework is due at midnight, I turned it in at midnight—finished or not. If I had to turn something in incomplete, I’d comment the daylights out of it so that they understood where I was lost. Bootcamps do not have the luxury of time that 4-yr institutions have. I’d stress about what I would turn in and hyperfocus. Sometimes that would work, but often adding the stress of being evaluated put up a barrier. While on the surface, I wailed that I’d never get it, I deep down where my burps are made, I believed SuperJess, who kept reminding me to add Carol Dweck’s “Yet!” to my wailing:

  • I don’t grasp Ajax … yet.
  • I don’t get “this” … yet.
  • I don’t have any ice cream in my freezer … yet.
  • Last night I was in my hyperfocus zone again, but I was having fun. I’d struggle, try something, go back to other parts of the app to play, return. It was a battle, but messing with my code was fun. I knew I wasn’t searching with the right words. And I knew it was a matter of yet.

    Fast forward to this morning, and it comes to me: “stop listening”. Oh yeah. Off. Derp. I’m always playing with .on(“click”, function(){//your bad-ass code here//} and have not had the need to stop listening. And that, my liege, is how we know the earth to be banana shaped is why we code every day: re-view, re-visit, try new things, rinse, lather, repeat. 

    I don’t want to count this as part of my 100 DoC. My rules for me are to code every day, but for 100 DoC, I build something in a day. If I choose a larger project, then I’ll try to dissect it, but going back to tweak is just “code every day”. If I run out of time, I’m totes counting this. Sorry. My life. My rules.


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