Co-teaching co-learning

When I taught, what I loved second (after the students) was that we co-taught across disciplines. I mainly taught math, but every 4-6 weeks, we’d change things up and I’d co-teach or coordinate-teach. I loved it. 

Math and music? You bet. Fractions. 

Math and art? Piet Mondrian and area. Scale. Proportion. Ratio. 

Math and the library? Decimals and place value. (I loved it when students corrected their parents’ shelving errors–123.09 is NOT greater than 123.3!!).

Math and motor skills? They’d bowl; I’d teach them to score.

But  what about applying what I did as a teacher and co-teacher to self-teaching? I came up with this idea while waiting to get a gelato. I got excited enough to get out of line and cycle back home to get started. I would throw anyone in front of a bus if I felt that they’d take my frozen treats (froyo, gelato, ice cream), so ditching gelato for coding is a big deal, y’all. 

What if coding helped me to draw? I do not mean using my Wacom tablet. I mean using pencil and paper. I struggle drawing dogs. I get their legs wrong. I can do it. I like to make my own designs for things I’ll make: 

This is an incomplete blackwork piece I drew. The dog took longer than the woman or tree. 

If I make a very basic dog (let’s get real, I’ll make a greyhound) with CSS, will the time it takes me and the focus I’ll have help me to remember the shapes used? 

Yesterday was mathy. Today will be arty. Don’t worry. I’ll have an expert critic here to guide me:

I’m ready to go, but … 

I’m missing that gelato now. 

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