No-eyed deer, dear.

No ideas for my next day of code. No. That is most definitely not the case. Too many ideas coming at me. 

I admire those who code every day. For my plan, I am not counting the times I do min-pens or widdle fiddles or returning to older projects to tweak. I want to start and stop in a day. Some days I have eight hours. Other days I am lucky to have two. And then there are the days I just let roll by me so that ideas can come and go, stay or not, grow or die. I think of ideas like a school of fish (some with a poop trail). If I reach into the pond, they just scatter. If I just chill, they hang around me, nibble at my toes, and make me giggle. Unless they’re piranhas. 

I think I’ve had my rest. The idea fish have nibbles my toes enough. I’m happy to stay home this weekend. I have a foster greyhound and do not know how he’ll do with the fireworks. I’ll stay home and have my fun. Happy 4th! 

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