100 Days of Code: Scav, v2

Eyes on the prize. No, really. Check this out:

Goofy eyes on that fishy prize, no?

I spent the day applying for jobs and longing to do less painful things such as eating glass, so at the end of the day, I chose to add another function to the existing app. More fun with setTimeout. I would like to revisit this app (and others) after 100 days of code have passed to look at functions that violate the DRY rule and make them more efficient. You may think I should do that now, but I have come to coding from writing, and I’m applying this rule: “Write drunk; edit sober”. These codes are fun for me. I learn when I have fun. I also tried to apply that when I taught math. Right now I’m just punch drunk giggly making some of these codes. I’ll return to them later when I feel conservative and bidniss like. Creating > editing at this point. Not forever. Just at this point.

I think my next app will be an about-me page, which I loathe. Me me me me me this is about me me me me me. Blergh. So yeah. After I come up with a way to make my about-me to be less about me. Oooooh. Magic.

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