100 Days of Code: Scavenger hunt

I had fun with this one because I got my doodle on and made my own things for a fish to find. The fish is the rare Torinfish. So rare, that there’s only one. Torin is the daughter of a friend, and I made this app for her. She loves to swim, so I am having her fish clean the pool. There are 10 objects to find. 

I did not finish or get as far as I wanted to, but I left it functioning. I am happy as it is and look forward to making these changes on another day:

  • Having a list of items that either disappear as I find each or an empty list that builds.
  • Make two random number generators that come up with the top and left position for the hidden objects so that no two rounds will be the same. 
  • Have a button that starts a swimmer, and the user has to find all of the objects before the swimmer finishes. 
  • Make more doodles!!

Scavenger hunt: clean the pool

Good fun, but it’s bed time now. Nuh nye.

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