100 DoC: hiccups

I had a plan, man. I’ll call the plan Stan. Stan had a plan: expan’. 

The project I was working on grew as other ideas came in. When that happens, I know it’s best to give it a rest. Let the ideas come in, take notes, do something else. I’m cool with that. My project; my rules. 

Part of the project required my drawing little things, so that takes more time than just building a wee code. 

Here’s my cursor to give you a hint of my fantastic art skills at work:

Part of having too much fun with code is letting it get out of hand. I don’t care. This is code, not a trip to Vegas. The fishy project will come soon. 

Still, I wanted to have a code done, so I cheated in a way. I returned to old homework to make it neater or add more to it. I started with my “vanilla to-do”. I won’t add a link. It’s not that fun yet. Just believe me (belieeeeeeve me) that I added check boxes for when I complete a task. When I get stuck on a DoC project again, I’ll return to this to-do list to add windows.localstorage. And once it’s all done, I’ll build a new one from scratch with Ajax and jQuery. 

Some days just are sluggish. This was one. I’m just glad that I didn’t find comfort in a pint of ice cream. Win! (not really)

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