100 Days of Code: CRUD, suckas

I’m about to vomit. I have my latest DoC as a PUT request. Now this is a code to be done in a day, and I’ve got 80 minutes before it’s no longer today, but I am happy with it. I can return and style it better an other day. I don’t care. Tomorrow is a day at the lake.

The important thing is that I can PUSH, GET, DELETE, and PUT. Things that once made me cry now make me dance. Yes, it does help that I’m not getting graded, and my house isn’t flooding. But even after the house was cleaned and I was assured that I’d eventually get it, I let fear and a severe lack of self-confidence become huge walls. I know walls. I’ve run a few marathons and done long rail-trail rides. Unlike those walls, I do not have glucose gels for my psyche. 

There will be another Ajax-like bug bear for me, but now I have this to look back on. Yes, I got stuck, but I got unstuck. Glad to have this for when I need it later.

Ahh. Now to fill that database with greyhound fosters.

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