100 Days of Code: AJAX a fact, Jack!

Have you ever tripped over something small and then decided that you were attacked by Vikings on steroids? That was me with Ajax. Looking back, I believe I had a minor stumble, but since this was new and the pressure was on to turn something in the next day, I made this something a lot more complicated than it was. And it stayed huge to me, and I feared it.

Yesterday I looked over old homework, and today I went over old class notes and built an app to help me document the foster greyhounds I have had. As of right now, I have only two, but when I choose the photos I want, I’ll build this list. 

I did it. And it was not the beast I had built it up to be. I’m sorry to look back on lost days just being afraid of it and feeling as though I was not smart enough to code; however, I do believe I am as excited as one can get about Ajax, and that wouldn’t have happened without the meltdowns.

The start of the my list of fostered greyhounds

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