My life right now is a sausage

My animal menagerie has doubled because of houndsitting and visiting relatives. Everyone is needy. Feed me. Love me. Scritch my ears. Admire my tooty tushy. (Greyhounds may look classy and elegant, but—egads—do they ever stink up a room). Packing this into my life’s sausage casing.

My coding goals are all over the place. I am doing my best to keep up with 100 Days of Code while also coming up with smaller projects and finishing off larger ones. And when I’m not trying to realize my ideas into code, I’m trying to come up with them. Now I’m packing this into my life’s sausage casing. Casing’s getting plump.  

Exercise. Oh yeah. How I organize my thoughts. When the brain is full of ideas going this way and that, I “comb” them by going straight. I run out and back. I swim up and down lanes. I cycle out and back. Loops are fine, but once I add turns, I have to remember where I’m going, when all I really want to do is organize my ideas. Comb them straight:

How would I make an exercise or game to test a person’s knowledge of German noun plurals or gender? When do I turn left safely?

What could I do to play with basic animation in CSS? This street doesn’t have a bike lane. Bugger!

When can I meet with Anna to go over our class proje—Was I supposed to turn there? 

No way. Comb. Straight out and back out and back. My mind requires exercise. I don’t require a Garmin or a FitBit, but I do require getting away from the laptop and animals for some mental organization. So stuff that into life’s sausage casing.


It’s a good thing that I love sausage. 

Mmmmm. Sausage.

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