100 Days of Code: Day Thirteen

Ermahgerd! That took forever!

I want to get into edtech. When I taught, I enjoyed creating my own games, songs, etc. to help the kids learn and enjoy learning. A typical exercise is unscrambling a word, so I wanted to try to make my own. 

This turned out to be quite the endeavour. I had to play around with the scope and reset. I could bore you with the long tale of it all, but I rather not. I asked for help from my cohort and former instructor. Was tempted to get needy (was probably very needy); however, I did not once say “Just tell me!”. That never is helpful. This is not an assignment. This is me playing around. Coming to a working exercise the hard way ends up teaching me more. Giving me the answers doesn’t make me feel good in the end. (Much happy happies to those who helped.)

Unscramble German words for animals

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