100 Days of Code: Day Twelve

Life got in the way. No regrets. The time away forced me to think and not do, especially on the two 15-hour road trip days. I could just think and plan. Couldn’t even write ideas down. My co-pilot was 14, so I couldn’t convince her to take the wheel. Not even for cookies. 

I took the daughter of some friends from a camp to their home (states away). I had a great time hanging out with a 14 year old who did not know me at all. Her mom and I hadn’t really thought about that too much. Didn’t matter. Even better was that aside from being delightful, she’s a talented artist. I asked her if I could use her drawings when I code. 

I wasn’t sure what to do first, but a basic experiment with hidden buttons and making them the shape of what they cover was plenty for me as a warm up. I’m just now getting my rest back. Oh, but I would do it again. I look forward to watching her skills take off.

Tevka’s dragonfly

Did you check out the wings? Are they not just perfect? 

Now I have to figure out how to honor her sister’s personality and swimming skills. 

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