100DoC: Aday Elevenyay

Hard to decide: prime number factorization code or Pig Latin? 

I went for the piggies

I’m also learning that 100 Days of Code is more difficult during 15 days of 5 animals at home: one 16-year-old cat, one greyhound I’m fostering, one greyhound I’m babysitting, one greyhound I call my own, and one Australian shepherd I’m babysitting. 

In case you’re wondering, they only want to misbehave when you look like you’re in deep concentration. 

I wish I had had more time. I didn’t address issues such as words that start with digraphs (“ch”, “sh”, etc.) or letter combinations we don’t want to separate (”school” should become “oolschay” not “choolsay”). I’m sure there are other things I could watch out for, but I started at 9p and it’s 1am. 

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