I didn’t finish my code last night and did not care. I still coded. Have gone only one day without coding since code school finished. I have not always completed a mini project, but I coded. Same goes for last night:


I swerz flipCard is defined. SWERZ! My abdominal muscles aren’t, but … c’mon. I know it is. 

I wanted to build a matching game that I could alter. After watching Adam Khoury’s video tutorials on building a matching game and creating an Array.prototype for shuffling, I got started building a matching game. Probably started too late, looking back with my hindsight shades. Maybe another few hours, and I’d have found my error(s?), but here’s the deal: yes, I love coding, but there are more important things in my life. I foster greyhounds. I got Gregory yesterday, one of the Pensacola Six to come in yesterday. Zero home experience. Obsessed by the mirror (such a teen). Clueless about sliding glass doors. Major velcro tendencies. Yesterday I could have started coding earlier, or I could have hung out with this fella: 


Admitting that I love something more than coding is not to say that I don’t still love it. I would hope that we all love something involving sentient beings more than coding. Getting back to my match game, to learn it, I’m starting with a simple (read: boring) matching of pairs of letters. I hope to change the “deck” once it works to something involving greyhound rescue or even my other love: foreign languages.

 I plan on finishing the memory game today, but let’s not end this defeated: I did have some wins. I can explain the Fisher-Yates shuffle in layman’s terms and can code it by heart now. I didn’t plan on memorizing it; memorization came from obsessive love, like your crush’s mobile number.


I want to shuffle all the things!


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