100 Days of Code: Day Nine


Not really a lesson on probability, but an exercise for me in making random number generators and playing with JQuery.

I find that the hardest part is coming up with something to do and then not having that explode into something too large for the amount of time left. If I’m not struggling coming up with an idea, I’m getting too many and they’re vying for attention in the noggin. 

DRY! Yeah, I know that I did, but I just started out with doing 1 out of 2 and then 1 out of 100. I don’t know if it was boredom or greediness, but I did a bunch more in between. I think that interrupted the original plan, so where doing about the same code(ish) twice isn’t really repeating myself, doing it seven times is. If I were to revisit (and I might), I’d see where I can replace repeated code with a function.

Clearly I am on a math kick: 

You’re probably wrong

(Nothing done yesterday. Vertigo + dehydration + migraine = “Feck off, mate!”)

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