Trello Shots

Bugger! I moved my 100DoC to the website that hosts my portfolio, and lost the styles. I’d bitch and moan, but losing the styles is an easier fix that a broken portfolio link. And fixing my styles will be good CSS and Sass practice, right? RIGHT?

Fixing the styles will count as code, but like hell if I’m going to let this be Day 8 of 100 DoC. Where’s the fun in that? 

I use Trello to keep myself organized in everything now: big project, days of code, job hunt. Everything. One of my favourite features is turning a checklist item into a new card. Deep into my slap-happy-i’m-losing-it state, I took a break to doodle:


By the way, the syringe is full of Trellotonin. Baaa ha ha ha. Thank you. Thank you. I’m here all month. Actually, thanks to the Interwebs, this might be here forever. Suckas!

No no no. Wait for it. Look!

I’m a Trellist! YOU CAN’T STOP ME!

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