100 DoC: Day Five

I don’t have much to show for it, but I coded all day. All stinkin’ day!

Mostly, I went through arrays and the basics again. Just forcing myself to go back to it. I call it warming up for facing the tic tac toe challenge again. I hated that assignment. I hope this time around I’ll have a clue. 

I chose to play with animations, transform, and transitions because in my mock interview, I was asked about transitions and — ermahgerd — I did not have a clue. I had a clue, but I couldn’t tap tap tap and doop dee doop my way through it, so that had to change. There’s no JavaScript, but this was just about the CSS for me. I’ll return to all of this with JS later. 

I also started another project. It’s a long-term one: going through my old German text book to create exercises out of the chapters. I’ll dust off my German while learning to code while focusing on education. The big challenge there is not making glorified worksheets when my coding skills are at the junior level.

And that’s the other thing. Why do bigger project ideas come when I’m working on smaller projects and when I’m working on the bigger project, I think to myself “What codelets would do in this situation”?

Dancer (She’s just kind of chill.)

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