100 DoC: Day Four

Holy jackomole this took forever. If you asked me what I learned today, it’d be that there’s a feckin’ world of difference in JavaScript between mouseover and hover. Basically, hover is fun, and mouseover is just a jerk and needs to die. It took me forever to figure out that I was using the wrong method. Well bugger you, mouse. How many things do you really need? You have mouseEnter, mouseOver, mouseOut (not at all like peace out), and even a mouseLeave. Just stop it. And you also get hover? No wonder you’re considered vermin. 

Sigh. I learned something. It took all night, but I eventually maked sumpin. 

Yesterday, my friend’s puppy was hit by a car in front of her. River P. Wafflenut is doing well. Multiple pelvic fractures, but that’s all. Yeah, I know. “All”. But nothing wrong with the internal organs. It’s a long road, but she’ll come out ok. I’m more worried about my friend. My original DoC plan was just to do the nav bar, and I did. Yeah yeah. It’s boring. Nav bars are the broccoli of a page to me. After taking my friend to the vet to visit RPW, I thought I should take a break from the portfolio’s look and the broccoli bits and make something for RPW. 

Find RPW


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