100 DoC: Day One

Yesterday I walked from the Blanton Museum to my home, which is about 1.5 miles south of Ben White. I was going to run, but I was too tired. Will I count that as exercise? Hells to the yeah power. 

And I’m counting today as day one, too. I did not think I was going to start today. I was trying to get my portfolio set up (in a skeletal sort of way) and was running out of time to do a wee bit of code. Nearly defeated. Nearly. Until I had my “cotton-pickin’ moment” moment (often called a copimomo among the cool kids). Building the portfolio counts as coding. Walking 8 miles instead of running 3 counts, so fussing about with the portfolio, html, css, and Sass count. It wasn’t what I had planned, but there were blisters and sweat. Just as much. 

It’s a complete do-over. This 100 Days is a new repository. The older one has been renamed MinPens-WiddleFiddles, which will be for wee wee bits. We’re talking wee, weally wee. And they cannot count for 100 Days. If anything, they can be my warmups. My stretches. My kicks. Because I’m 47:

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