100 DoC: Day 2

Done, but not without serious derpage, derpery, derpity derp dah. 

I got the idea for day 2′s theme from a list of front-end engineering interview questions: how would you make a simple slide show. Well, I didn’t know. I do now! Ask me! Ask me! Using CSS-Tricks as  guide, I maked one. 

There were learning bits (div:gt(0)<—whaaa?) and some organizational issues (Do I build on one page? Link to another? Have 100DoC be just an entry page and every day be a separate git?), but the killer for me was not finding the closing angle bracket in the scripts, making my html totes unwilling to talk to my scripts. I looked everywhere for the error. EVERYSTINKINGWHERE! My former instructor found it, making my derpery even more derpish. 

Simple slideshow

Now, without further aderp, I give you a whirling derpish:

Two teefs for day 2 of 100 Days of Code

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