100 derps of code

Why not decide to commit to 100 Days of Code just before starting my final project? WHY THE HELL NOT?!? I’ll have all the time in the world. Sure, I can do it. Just wee bits of code. Nothing huge. A min-Pen here or widdle-Fiddle there. 

I’m the derp in purp:

Instead of starting where I left off, it’s time to recommit. And re-plan. My three months in a coding school are done. Everyday something new for the most part. Some topics feel like I learned them years ago. Do I start at the beginning? Start at a topic with A and go down the alphabet? Do wee bits or larger projects? Everyday the same or different days with different formats? Always digital or the occasional mind-mapping with crazy pen and ink? So many ideas.

I’m down to a few ideas. I’m going to commit by the end of tomorrow’s second cappuccino. You have no idea how that kind of commitment gives me the shakes.

100 Days of Code coming up, but tonight is day 0. zzzzz

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