My favourite therapists: Fat Bastard and Fabian

Coding bootcamp has been intense. I’ve had some really hard weeks when I doubted my ability to do the simplest tasks. I looked around  at a house that needed repairs and dreaded every new crack. I’ve had my kitchen and utility room flood, an emergency vet visit for Fat Bastard (I think he tried to suck face with a young opossum), and the smaller things that life flings our way.

I love it. I do. But I would not be saying this without my live-in therapists who have kept me company and never once cared what the house looked like. Fabian is getting a new greyhound sibling when I’m settled. Until then, code code code ear-scritch code.

No photos of Fat Bastard. His face is pretty banged up, and even at 16 he is pretty vain.

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