100 Days of Code: Baby Boolee

I did it. I grasped playing with the Boolz. I didn’t have much time, but where there’s The Googles, there’s a way. 

I did not see that the secret was nesting. It’s not really a secret. I just didn’t see it. And I couldn’t grasp the organization. All that nesting … And I was trying to deal with both yes and no. I now realise that I need to focus on one direction and not build out the yes and no side. Okay, true and false, but my idea I’m working on is yes and no. Work with me. 

I became caught up in “If (yerp) {then yerdly derdly turdly}”, “else {then scooby dooby booby}. Focus! Chose one path, young dev-hopper. When I get to the end point and want to build out the else, then I can, but not at the same time. 

I have also decided to do 100 Days of Code. My rules are just to start and finish in a day; therefore, these will be wee snippets. I will allow myself to work on bigger things, but for this challenge, I will have little codelettes. Functionleins. Loopitas. They’ll be examples for me and not a foo feckin’ bar or “Hello, World” in sight.

Day 1/100: Baby Boolie:

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