[original post: 6 April 2016, latest edit: 23 April 2016, more added 29 August]

When I taught, my students and I loved ABC books. Not the kid written by committee. Not the kind that drive me nuts with B is for Bird and later D is for Duck. A duck is bird, dammit! We liked clever ones. And to make our own was also great fun: ABCs of geometry, ABCs of the animals in South America.

I’m still determined to tackle coding with mini battles along the ABCs. I have played with arrays and am still building my boolean project. While I am at it, why not make my list? Some will be repeats because they’re parts of other wholes (keys, objects), but I’m not where I turn my nose up at repetition. Open-toed sandals and tube socks, however …

A: array, AJAX

B: boolean, backbone, buttons, bang

C: constructors, callbacks

D: do-while

E: event handlers

F: functions (in general), for-loops, forms, forEach, Flexbox

G: gulp


I: if/else if, iterate, ice cream (as coding assistant)

J: jQuery, jQueryUI

K: Keep-It-Simple-Stupid vs Katy-Is-Super-Sizing

L: loops (in general)

M: matrices, Math dot, methods, .map

N: Node toots


P: .push, position(relative, absolute, static), props(/state), Perk fun

Q: querySelector

R: .reduce, React, radio buttons

S: strings, state(/props)

T: test-driven development, transitioning


V: var — in CSS





Add to and build as I go.

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