Var-nelle, Let-icia, and Const-ance

Var-nelle, Let-icia, and Constance are three sisters, the daughters of Ecma. Var-nelle is the oldest; Let-icia and Constance are twins, but look nothing alike. 

Var-nelle, although fetching in kicky sportswear, is the less secure of the three. A little wishy-washy, she easily allowed herself to be reassigned, unlike her bullheaded younger sister Const-ance, who once assigned, stayed assigned. Const-ance changes for no one once assigned. Don’t try to add to her or make her increase. She won’t do it. Don’t bother asking. Once her mind is made up … She’s a real pain in the ass at Thanksgiving and around Election Day.

Var-nelle is most like the bright and sweeter Let-icia (who smells like sunshine and lemons, by the way). Like Var-nelle, Let-icia is happy to be reassigned and rewritten, but they’re very different in their scoping. If the two of them are in a function block, you can’t really tell them apart. They are both visible as long as they’re playing in the function block. You can see them. They can see you. 

In smaller enclosing blocks, their differences appear. Let-icia can concentrate and remember what she’s doing, so whatever she’s doing in that smaller enclosing block is what she’s working on. Her head’s down doing her thing, concentrating, looping, and she cannot be seen outside of that block. Not so our garish Var-nelle. Are you kidding? She can be seen and heard in the for-loop and on either side of it in the greater function block. Some say it’s her personality as the first born. She had to do it all as she was the only option. I say it’s her shocking red hair and her flirty nature. Var-nelle’s been around the block and has no wish to rein herself in. Gawluvver. 

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