How you been? I been boolean. Boo. Booya. Boo boo be do. 

B is for Boolean

As promised to myself, I’m working my way down the alphabet to tackle coding in bite-size bits. Booleans bore me. I don’t think I’m giving them credit. They’ve just been there as necessary tools to determine if user input is valid or not. Maybe they’re not boring, but I am. I’m not playing with them. I am not appreciating their potential outside of enjoying the way “boolean” sounds and looks. 

Now, what to build? Build your own limerick? Choose your next genre to read? Fill a messenger bag? Lady’s maid / gentleman’s valet? I see that the challenges are to not balloon out of control with options. K.I.S.S. usually means “keep it simple, Stupid”; however, in my world, it ends up meaning “Katy is super sizing”.

Task: Build a basic sumpin that lets me practice booleans. (see last para)
Tools: y/n questions, options for t/f, flow charts from, dry-erase tablet.
Due: 15 April 2016 [updated to reflect frustration and reality of tax time.]

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