I maked arrays.


I love The Awkward Yeti and the Gall Bladder. I think everyone who loves Gall Bladder has adopted “I maked these”. Surely. 

In my previous post, I challenged myself to play with the basics so that I get muscle memory in so that I avoid sloppy errors. Another bonus to the “task” of playing with code for fun and for myself is that since no one else knew what I was doing or had assigned the task, I couldn’t go to anyone but The Googles for help.

I created a haiku builder. I kept the HTML and CSS simple. They weren’t what I was working on. All I wanted to do was build a few arrays and use them to create something. Anything. Build them and use them. *sniff* I’m growing up. 

Not too much, though. As you can see:

Surge:  The Haiku Builder.

GitHub: https://github.com/ihatetoast/haiku-maker


Happiness with final version: 4.5/5 (Would like to see CSS look purty.)
Wheees: Doing this in 5 hours while watching Murdoch Mysteries.
Grrrrs: Figuring out how to reset the div without blowing it all to hell.
What I would change or add: Make it more concise. Build on to the arrays so that eventually there are ways I could prompt the user for a favorite animal and “customize” it … -ish.
What’s next: B is for Boolean.

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